Tuesday, March 11, 2014

CISSP Preparation

I am on my way to get CISSP certification and I believe it is an important point to prove your capabilities and experience when working in IT and Security Management Domains.

I will be sharing my studying experiences, notes and points that I consider interesting, which may help others like , just for your consideration or your journeys to get certified.

First of all, I must say that I am really surprised in a good way to see how cool CISSP certification is. I used to see such certifications focused either on technical or management side of business and never covering both. I can easily name CISM certification for purely management practice, which is very very dry, hard to read and follow for people who are involved in the technical side of IT business. For technical certifications, CCNP Security or Checkpoint's CCSA and CCSE can be counted. Asking a security administrator, who is willing to see the bigger picture, the management side of things, which of course requires more responsibility, to make a formal Risk Assessment definitely changes the way he looks at the security business from that moment on. The opposite view is also true and meaningful; I personally have seen many auditors and consultants auditing organizations without having necessary knowledge on technical issues, thus realizing incomplete assessments.

I am planning to share my experiences per domain (10 in total) in Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) of ISC2, but also want to deep dive in some important subjects which need to be discussed or paid attention. It is not really rare that I disagree with something written in preparation resources during my own CISSP preparation. It would be nice for me to have your opinion on these subjects.

The notes I am going to share will be in form of cheat sheets or short study notes to be read in 30 minutes max. , and the level of explanations will be as easy as for 5 years olds (Yeah, that's how I like :)). However, as they are prepared for my own studies in the first place, some very obvious points may be omitted, I am sorry for that (Those are mostly points about Communication Networks in Domain 2). 

I hope you will find some lines here that can help you sometime in your long career as well as in your CISSP preparation in this blog.

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