Thursday, March 8, 2018

GDPR Awareness Training and Assessment Questions

With European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being effective on 25th of May 2018, organizations speed up their preparations in order to be compliant.

If adapting its systems and practices in terms of privacy to the GDPR requirements is an arduous task, keeping them compliant is another. It requires the attention of all employees starting from IT and HR all way to the Facility Management teams as personal data of both customers and employees is being process in a daily basis.

In order to keep the employees engaged, they must be provided trainings on GDPR. To complete the learning process, their understanding of the subject is better to be measured with an assessment so that employees who still have confusions or hesitations are identified and informed clearly.

Gartner expects that, until 2020, there will at least be one company who will be fined in scale of million euros for non-compliance with GDPR.

I am aiming to give you some ideas with this GDPR Awareness presentation which can be used as a starting point. The questions in the end of the presentation can be used within internal GDPR E-Learning modules.

Subjects like who is who in the GDPR (Data Subject, Data Controller, Data Processor), what is private data and what is sensitive data, Data Subjects’ rights, consequences of non-compliance must be clearly understood by everybody as a minimum.

You can get in contact with me for the powerpoint version and more.

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